Capture the Essence of Childhood



We are two fun Moms who enjoy dressing our children with chic and color! Inspired by our little boys (yes we have five of them, with a little girl in between), our collection includes both comfortable yet stylish bottoms for boys, girls and crawlers. We've always had a hard time finding the right fit for our little guys and girls, and then color was a big problem.. BIG PROBLEM! Out of frustration, one day we literally got a seamstress to design that perfect pair of pants for our children. Word spread fast, and before we knew it, we were running a full scale fashion business.

Coco Blanc is very keen on good quality materials and children's comfort. We see childhood as a significant and pure moment of life during which details such as color, form and texture play a vital role. Our collections try to capture this essence with an added sophistication and hip look. Look out for our brand in fashion stores near you!


Esther and Sarah